About HTML editing and JEditorPane

  • Hi, I have to include some features and try to fix some issues (regarding to Images and to Tables rendering) to ekit.

    I know javax.swing.JEditorPane can "display" HTML, and be used to perform as a simple HTML editor, also I have searched the java.sun.com forums and found out that this class/component is very unstable and not suited for production environments.

    I have the Ekit source code but I'm trying to understand it to know where should I concentrae my effords, so the question is:

    Could any one point to me the source file where the code to handle images and tables is?

    An other question I have is that:
    Is Ekit using a bran new redesigned version of the JEditorPane or Ekit is based on al javax.swing classes with a lot of extensions?

    • As far as I can see in com.hexidec.ekit.EkitCore, is using a JTextEditor for the base component to edit HTML documents, is this right?