EJBCA 3.11.0 released

This is a major release with several new features – 47 issues have been resolved.
One major goal with this release is to prepare for a seamless migration to EJBCA 4.0. To make
the migration path to EJBCA 4.0 a simple plug-in upgrade, EJBCA 3.11 introduces database changes
needed to make the schema fully compatible and consistent across all supported databases.

Upgrade to EJBCA 3.11 should be simple as usual, just follow the instructions in doc/UPGRADE.

Noteworthy changes:
- Possibility to configure CA not to use certificate and user store, meaning that CA can issue certificates without having to access database after service startup.
- External OCSP responder can now function as a validation authority serving OCSP, CRLs and CA certificates.
- Certificate store access via HTTP according to RFC4387 standard.
- Possibility in WebService Interface to specify extended information when editing users.
- Possibility to specify custom certificate serial number for end entities using CMP protocol. CMP RA secret can now also be specified per CA.
- Upgrade database schema to be consistent across databases.
- Add a few new columns to database tables, a preparation to be used in EJBCA 4.0.
- Improvements in the Glassfish support, now also usable with Oracle database.
- Several other new features and extended key usages, GUI improvements and performance enhancements – many of which are contributed by Linagora.

PrimeKey EJBCA Team

Posted by Tomas Gustavsson 2010-11-29