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    Hi ,

    Actually I've been working on EJBCA for a while , I have installed it on 4 separated machines ; OCSP, LDAP,signserver,CA . it works fine but now I have to separate CA and RA which means install RA in another server my question is :

    Should I reinstall everything from zero to make the configuration required or just let them like this and add another server which be holding RA and make some changes ?

    and if there is any changes what should they be ?

    for the installation of RA , I have already checked the website and I didn't understand clearly the steps can you reexplain to me how to do it brievely because I'm limited with time

    and thank you so much

  • Hi,

    You don't have to reinstall everything in ordet to add a CA.
    One thing with EJCBA is that is has hundred of different options (of not thousands). If you are not content with the built in RA function, remotely accessible using client certificate authentication, you have to have some requirements on what you are looking for.

    There are many different ways to add different RAs to EJBCA.
    - Web Service with different clients
    - External RA with different protocols or GUI
    - etc

    We are also limited with time :-) So you have to describe a little better for anyone to be able to help.


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