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Custom Field type for Custom Extension Type

  • Mejat

    Hallo Thomas,

    I want to know is it possible to configure my custom extension data display with specific files in my add end entity page?

    Example right now it showing a one text area and we are entering there. Instead of that i want to configure

    Field Display Name :<combo box="" with="" some="" values="">
    Fiels display name 2:

    Could you please tell me is it possible and how ?

    Question 2

    Is it possible to configure a automatic notification mail to the customer like your certificate will be expire with in xxx days

    Thanks for your good support.

    1. In the add end entity screen there is only one field to fill.

    2. http://www.ejbca.org/adminguide.html#Currently%20Available%20Services


    • Mejat

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks, for your valuable comment . i am not getting everything from your comment

      In your first comment (In the add end entity screen there is only one field to fill) i understood only one text area(For custom Extension data) can be used to populate multiple values . Right ?

      My current requirement is we have two custom extension data .
      1. Jira role (admin , developer, viewer)
      2. Hudson role (admin,developer)

      So i have created a two ojbect id and while creating the end entity user i enter these values in the Text area box.

      The problem is some time the admin user don't know the actual values .

      So instead of entering values in the Text area i need to configure each object id with specific text box or combo box .So the add entyty page the user can select values from combo box or display default values in the text box .

      So could you please tell me is it possible to configure our object Ids?

      Mejet joseph

  • I guess you are asking for something which requires custom code and GUI.
    So it is possible :-)

    I would reconsider the use-case though because putting authorization in certificates based on custom extensions is not very flexible. Most organizations rather maintain authorization data in LDAP or similar which allows you to change authorization on the fly.

    tech support

    • Mejat

      Thanks Anders for the reply. i will try to integrate custom code and if i am facing any issues i will be back
      Have a nice weekend