USB token question

  • Kunszt Arpad
    Kunszt Arpad


    I'm new to EJBCA and I'm a little lost.

    I want to use an USB token (ePass2003) for the some of the client certificates. Can EJBCA handle this? I managed to EJBCA see the token plugged in the server, but nothing more. Is it even necessary on the server? Or the client has to access the token? How?

    I'm a little confused how to achieve this. I have a little PKI knowledge, I can use the USB tokens, but this is the first time I try EJBCA.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Any help appreciated!


    Arpad Kunszt

  • Yes EJBCA can handle tokens for client certificates, this is a very common scneario.

    In order to use a token for the client you do not need to have any tokens on the server side, i.e. do not plug your token into the server.

    For small scale/testing, use your token on the client and use normal brrowser enrollmentputting the keys/certificate on your token.

    For larger scale token usage, use a token management system like any from:


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