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EJBCA Adminitration GUI is always trying to connect to port 8443 even chaning the port to 443 in web.properties file.

  • ubuntu 12.4
    java version "1.7.0_25"
    EJBCA 6.0.3
    JBOSS EAP 6.1.0

    I have configured the new EJBCA on port 443 as default SSL port. https://ejbca-test.com/ejbca. web GUI is working on 443 port but when i try to access the administration page from https://ejbca-test.com/ejbca. its always trying to connect on 8443 port and URL is changed to https://ejbca-test.com:8433/ejbca/adminweb/
    I can access the page after manually editing the URL. is there any configuration which i missed to work the whole web GUI on port 443? here is my config.

    # The private port JBoss will listen to https on, client cert required
    # Default 8443

    In install.en.properties file the default port is 8443. do i need to change this as well?

    GOTOURL = 3. Go to the following URL: https://<computername>:8443/ejbca/adminweb\n


  • Paolo Cadei
    Paolo Cadei

    i think you should change also the default port in Jboss setting not only in ejbca conf!

  • it's not the issue with Jboss. if the issue is with JBOSS then EJBCA main GUI web page wouldn't get access on port 443.
    the "Administration" link is by default on port 8443. if you manually edit the url it work on 443.