upgrade my ejbca 3.10.1 to a new ubuntu box

  • Kader Daoud
    Kader Daoud


    currently , I have an ejbca 3.10.1 in production, it works fine for more than 4 years now, thanks a lot and I installed a new version (ejbca 4.0.16) on new ubuntu box. the new ejbca (4.0.16) on the new ubuntu box works so fine, I imported the superadmin.p12 to my browser and the ejbca interface works fine, I have my AdminCA1.

    Now how can import all my Principal ROOT CA, my users certificate so everyting from the production server to the new server ?

    note that database system in both servers is mysql

    here is all my products versions :

    The old server versions (in production)

    OS version: ubuntu 9.10
    ejbca version: 3.10.1 (r9000)
    mysql version: 5.1.37-1
    jboss version: 4.2.3.GA

    The new box versions ( in my lab for now, will be move to the production when it will be ready)
    OS version: 12.04
    ejbca version: 4.0.16 (r17223)
    mysql version: 5.5.32.-0
    jboss version: 5.1.0.GA



  • You should read doc/UPGRADE för information how to upgrade an older installation.