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SmallEiffel now supported!

EiffelOpenGL now works with the SmallEiffel compiler (-0.74 & lcc-win32 3.8) on Windows. Currently only one application (examples/eglut/red_book/aapoly) has been compiled and tested. However all other example applications will soon be compiled and tested as well. This will possibly lead to a few more changes in the library code. When this is done a new release will be made. Note that the directory structure of EiffelOpenGL has changed slightly since 0.2.0 was released. You will need to modify your Ace files if you check out the current CVS repository!

Posted by Paul Cohen 2002-11-23

EiffelOpenGL 0.2.0 has been released!

I've finally managed to release 0.2.0! I became a father
in November and that upset my delivery schedule. :-)
Anyway I hope to be able to make more frequent releases
in the future.

Posted by Paul Cohen 2002-01-05

A new release is on its way!

I am preparing a new release that will feature:

* A large number of OpenGL functions have been added to the main wrapper class EGL.
* More OpenGL GLU functions have been added to the GLU wrapper class EGLU.
* Support for NURBS has been added.
* Wrapper classes for all the OpenGL primitives has been added.
* Support for stippling patterns has been added.
* An example program for testing the OpenGL primitives and stippling patterns.
* 7 example programs in C from the Red Book that have been translated to Eiffel.
* A few bugs have been fixed.
* A lot of code has been tidied up.

Posted by Paul Cohen 2001-10-26

Sources imported into CVS

All sources are now imported to CVS.

Posted by Paul Cohen 2001-01-14

EiffelOpenGL project created!

The EiffelOpenGL Sourceforge project has been created! A number
of subprojects have been defined and a mailing list for general
discussion on EiffelOpenGL has been set up. No sourcecode or
documentation has been uploaded yet. I hope to do this during
the weekend.

Posted by Paul Cohen 2000-08-23