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ver 0.24 released with webmail support, many enhangcements

webmail added,
installer improved,
security improved,

Current Features of ehcp:
Domain, dns, email, ftp, mysql management
language support,
troubleshooter for common problems
%99 php simple installer, %1 shell script, apt-get based installer,
Unlimited Resellers, domains, hostings
automatically installs and works: dns, apache, mysql, ftp, email, domains,
most easy install: copy & paste in console and watch
ready to use after install - at ubuntu,debian
tested on debian
ftp account without domain
ftp/domain application, admin approves those applications.
adodb based database operations, can easily be ported to other dbs

future plans:
* subdomain implementation,
* custom dns management,
* plugin/hook system
* webbased install, where possible,

Posted by ehcp developer 2008-02-22