5. release candidate for upcomming 1.2 release

Again 2 critical bugs fixed. Therefor an other RC.

According to our plans this will be the last RC and the final release will be before Christmas.

There are now installation instructions in english and german: http://egroupware.org/index.php?page_name=german-user-manual&wikipage=ManualSetup and a german language pdf containing the installation chapter of the new 1.2 handbook: http://outdoor-training.de/pdf/Manual1.2-Installation.pdf


* Thu Dec 15 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC5-1
- creation of new groups in LDAP working again
- no more negative id's in the account-table (auto column) itself,
as not all DBMS can deal with it (mapping is done in the class now)
- infolog list shows (optional) the times and can switch details on and off
- projectmanager records and shows now the resources and details of the elements
- wiki is include in the linkage system now
- new instant messenger application chatty in contrib
- other bugfixes and translation updates

* Fri Dec 02 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC4-1
- Bugfixes in Kalendar: Freetimesearch, disabled not working stuff under IE
- MyDMS install: boolean columns are now created correct under mysql4+5
- registration with email approval working again
- workflow and vfs/filemanager fixed to deal with negative group-ids
- setup: charset-conversation now via backup, deinstall & reinstall backup
- xmlrpc: fixes in calendar and infolog
- fixed several other bugs

* Mon Nov 28 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC3-1
- fixed registration app, is not longer in contrib now
- fixed egroupware zip, which wrongly included the contrib stuff
- fixed several other bugs

* Fri Nov 25 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC2-3
- fixed not working account creation
- fixed not working category creation in sitemgr

* Fri Nov 25 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC2-2
- fixed bug which prefented installation under php4 of RC2.
- some minor bug-fixes happening this morning

* Thu Nov 24 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC2-1
- calendar now fully supports groups as participatns and xmlrpc is working again
- group-id's are now negative to improve ldap support
- modified logo and look for the 1.2 idots template
- bugfixes in many areas

* Mon Nov 14 2005 Ralf Becker <RalfBecker@outdoor-training.de> 1.2RC1-1
- first release candidate of the upcomming 1.2 release:
- complete rewrite of the calendar, plus new resource booking system
- new projectmanager applications using infolog and calendar data
- syncml to synchronise cell-phones, PDA's and outlook
- workflow application
- and many more ...

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-12-15