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Summary#3275 - Duplicate Keys in Backup
I'm seeing duplicate key errors when I try to restore an egroupware backup. The backup was created and restored using the admin tool. I have checked multiple backups and have discovered random duplicate keys mostly in egw_access_log but I have also seen it in other tables. When I check the egroupware generated backup file I see the duplicate however when I search for the duplicate key in the table the backup was taken from there is no duplicate key.

I encounter no issues when performing a MySQL Dump.

Database Server
debian-linux-gnu (x86_64)

eGroupware from the Latest Trunk

I am not sure this matters the Default Engine is InnoDB however I have egw_access_log (over 145K rows) and the other log tables setup using MyISAM for speed.

Nothing special is required to reproduce the error, for me simply execute the backup and restore.

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