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Summary#3276 - Group eMail instead of UUID

Many applications on mobile devices only allow you to enter eMail-addresses for attendees.
eGroupWare-groups however are referenced by an uuid.

I set up an eMail address for each group on my server (which just rejects any messages) and replace the eMail in the event with the correct group-information in eGroupWare's database via a cron-job.
It works and is imho a pretty cool solution, but not the way you should use another software's database :-p

Also I can only invite groups, but not edit events, as I would have to manually delete the (correct) UUID and replace it again with the (faked) groups eMail... which starts to become quite tedious on smaller screens.

Long story short: Is it possible to give any group an (user defined) eMail-address which will be used by eGroupWare for managing attendees (like with individual accounts).

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