Ok, I'll pick up the Dutch manual translations.

Can a site admin mail me a backup of the Wiki tables of the (English) manual? I'ld prefer to do the translations locally and copy them back later, so site visitors won't be bothered with half work...


On Thu, 2009-04-16 at 07:22 +0200, Ralf Becker wrote:
Hi Oscar,

Oscar van Eijk schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I'm a bit disappointed by the Dutch eGW manual at the moment. Right now, I'm
> working on 2 big eGW implentations for which I'ld like to see a more active
> Dutch community, or at least up-to-date information.
> My questions to all ye:
> - Is the Dutch site (egroupware.nl) still being actively maintained?

The domain is owned by Pim Snel, you need to contact him.
I think it makes more sense adding Dutch translations (if not already
done) to www.egroupware.org and forwarding there. You can now translate
nearly all content (incl. the news) on egroupware.org.

> - Is somebody still working on the Dutch manual translation?

Not that I know. We (Stylite and Outdoor Unlimited) are currently
finishing the 1.6 Manual. If it's done, we will backport the texts to
the wiki on egroupware.org. If you make your translation there, it also
has the benefit that the manual is online available for everyone.

> - For those Q's that'll be answered with "No", does anybode object if I
> reanimate this?

Nope :-)