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mac problems

  • Stacey Giroux
    Stacey Giroux

    i am trying to download egonet may 9 2009 version to a mac. i get the zip file, double click it, and then instead of just getting one egonet program file, it gives me 11 folders with names like au, uk, EDU, and other things. i can't seem to get the program. help?

    • Martin Smith
      Martin Smith

      Hello! Thank you for using the mailing list.

      From your description, it sounds like you've extracted the JAR file that we distribute as part of Egonet. When you installed Java, it should have associated files with the "jar" extension (files ending in .jar) with a special Java executable on your Mac. If you don't have the correct association between jar files and Java, Mac OS X can extract the files inside the JAR inside.

      I'd recommend re-installing Java in order to fix that association with .jar files.

      Take care,


      • Eric Lavigne
        Eric Lavigne

        Stop OS X Archive Utility from Automatically Unzipping Zipped JAR Files

        Mac OS X tries to be as helpful as it can be, but when it comes to unzipping it's perhaps a bit too
        helpful. If you have a zipped JAR file and double-click to unzip the file, OS X unzips the JAR file
        as well. Luckily there's a way to turn this off.

        Open up the Archive Utility (/System/Library/Core Services/Archive Utility), go to Preferences, and
        uncheck the checkbox next to "Keep expanding if possible." Now this does mean if you have a .tar.gz
        file you'll have to unzip the gzip, then the tar, but to me that's preferable to having it
        automatically unzip JAR files.