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Some insight info on eFront v3.5.4

A few things to keep in mind for this version of eFront:

- As we move towards v3.6 we wanted to homogenize the interface even more. During this process we have created a common visual block for all pages (inside-outside interfaces) that helps to this direction. We have also bundled all visual settings under a common option on admin panel and added functionality to modify header/footer and favicon.... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2009-07-15

eFront v3.5.4 released

The eFront team is proud to announce the availability of eFront version 3.5.4

This new version brings exciting new functionality and a lot of improvements. Many features that where originally planned for 3.6 where finally incorporated into this release.
All known bugs have been fixed in the current release. Moreover, important performance improvements have been applied, making this the faster eFront ever.... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2009-07-15

eFront version 3.5.3 released

The eFront team is proud to announce the availability of its new version, 3.5.3. This version introduces many new features and brings a wealth of bug fixes and improvements, the vast majority of which were proposed by the community - you!

Posted by Periklis 2009-05-20

eFront v3.5.2 [updated]

Today is a big day for our growing community! eFront got a new web-site with more info on every aspect of the system. We also provide for first time access to our SVN repository for "hardcore" users. Finally, today a new version of eFront is released which provides dozens of enchancements proposed from the community.

New website
We have rebuild our web-site from ground-up to better support our growing community and to facilitate our vision to build the best eLearning System in the world.... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2009-01-12

Final eFront v3.5.2 Released

After several months of development, tuning and testing version 3.5.2 of eFront has just been released!

Major new things in this version include:
Customizable first page
eFront v3.5.2 introduces a new visual interface that helps user build an attractive first-page layout out of several styles. You can add new types of blocks as well and populate them with your own data.

Tests improvements
The new eFront improves the test infrastructure to support past views of the same test, professor feedback on questions, random tests creation at run-time, test pausing, post-test analysis and analytic reports. ... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2008-11-28

eFront: v3.5.2 released

eFront is an easy to use, visually attractive, SCORM compatible, Ajax powered, eLearning and Human Capital Development platform.

eFront v3.5.2 has been released.

New and improved things in this eFront release:
Added a brand new layout and custom content functionality for the index page
• Upgraded tests infrastructure providing a wealth of new features
• Fixed glossary UTF8 word boundary handling
• Fixed a bug with glossary not handling well tags with slashes (/)
• Fixed bug: When viewing statistics as admin and only one lesson exists, an error occurs
• Fixed bug: Clicking on the logout icon instead of the text redirects only the left frame
• 'Save question and add another' preserves difficulty and parent unit
• Test duration made optional
• Fixed bug in LDAP check server settings
• Fixed problem with logging out when cookie is set
• Fixed a bug when unsetting all courses from a user thourgh the "remove all" checkbox.
• Extended user types descending from administrator to allow for more flexibility
• Fixed bug with chat invitation link
• Fixed bug with poll post redirection
• Integrated file manager when mceEditor is loaded
• Html code in editor is not displayed in popup window but in textarea
• Inserting file directly from file manager to editor
• Adding pdf for unit content. Inserting pdf in a frame in a unit.
• Uploading a file from url.
• Announcements can also be sent as email.
• Extending search in order to translate specific eFront "commands" and redirects to the right page.
• Language files transformed as php.inc
• Added 21 more languages at installation script
• Added content error reporting by students
• Fixed REQUEST_URI problem for IIS
• Improved show/hide sidebar
• Fixed bugs in search and improved interface for displaying results... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2008-11-12

eFront v3.5.1 just released

The new eFront version 3.5.1 just released. You can get it from http://www.efrontlearning.net/download.php
This versions addresses a number of bugs and introduces new features that set new barriers for eLearning systems, the most important of which are:
- Updated Modules infrastrucure (see list here)
- Added user types infrastructure (see this post for details on what can be done with the new user types)
- Addressed an issue with certain versions of IIS crashing or not working properly;
- Added a reordering facility for professor to define the student's first page layout
- Administrator may set a url that the user will be redirected to after logout
- Added support for directly accessing resources, such as content, files, etc
- Restoring from automatic upgrade backups now uses optimised inserting function (speeded up about 100 times)
- Logins starting with numeric characters are from now on prohibited
- Fixed bug with quotes in content addition
- Server name is not hard-coded in configuration file anymore; instead, the offset is recorded... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2008-09-06

eFront v3.5 released

Our team is really proud to announce the immediate availability of the final version of eFront 3.5.0.

We have worked really hard to make this version perform as an excellent learning experience: fast, reliable and user-friendly.

We are very interested in hearing your comments, suggestions and remarks; We give all of them serious thinking.
Keep in mind that although really much work has been done to ensure that this version is bug-free, you are more than welcome to report any errors you encounter, so we can get them fixed the soonest possible.... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2008-07-21

eFront v3.5 beta 2

This is the second beta version of eFront 3.5.0, a major upgrade to the 3.1.x branch. Key changes from 3.5.0beta1 are:
• Improved stability and speed
• Extended courses management
• New, ajax-based file manager
• Improved content tree manipulation
• Enhanced AJAX functionality

Key changes in respect to 3.1.x branch are:
• All core functions have beeen rewritten to take advantage of the powerfull Object Oriented features of PHP 5, leading to improved stability, performance, security and extensibility
• New features, including the PayPal payment module, new Search capabilities, etc.
• eFront can now be installed without any web server or documentroot setup hassle.
• An improved, multi-layered dynamic navigation panel makes accessing eFront options much easier... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2008-05-28

eFront 3.5 beta 1

We have just released a beta version of eFront 3.5
This is a milestone version (hence the leap from 3.1.x to 3.5).
Key features are:
- 3.5.0 is at a large part rewritten from scratch, in order to take full advantage of PHP5's Object Oriented features. So, 3.5.0 is based on a new, robust, Object Oriented API which enables for far more stability and extensibility
- There is no need to set up the document root anymore; just unzip the files in a folder at your web server, and you can instantly access eFront installation script
- Speed is by all means improved, both at server and client, and so is security.... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2008-05-08

eFront v3.1.4 released

eFront v3.1.4 has been released. Key features are:
- Fixed various small bugs
- Fixed many small issues in statistics and excel exports
- Updated appearance and changed default font
- Fixed bug with digital library
- Fixed bug in importing lessons

Posted by Periklis 2008-03-18

eFront v3.1.3 is out

The new version of eFront, 3.1.3, is out. It includes several fixes and updates. Visit our web page, www.efrontlearning.net for more details!

Posted by Periklis 2008-02-22

eFront v3.1.2 is out

Version 3.1.2 of eFront is out. This version addresses a bug that prevents control panel to appear correctly when using Internet Explorer

Posted by Periklis 2008-01-23

eFront v3.1.1 is out

eFront is an AJAX enabled, versatile eLearning Platform with an easy to use and attractive interface.

This is mainly a bugfix release, addressing a serious bug in assignn users to lessons.
Furthermore, it includes several fixes and enhancements, the most important being:
- Updated ajax infrastructure
- Updated calendar functionality
- Fixed small bugs in sortedTable
- Improved IE 6 support

You can download the program from sourceforge at the following url:
or visit us at this urls:

Posted by Periklis 2007-12-12

eFront v3.1 just released

eFront is an AJAX enabled, versatile eLearning Platform with an easy to use and attractive interface.

Version 3.1 of eFront is out, incorporating a wealth of new features as well as many fixes.
Key features include:
- Introduced a full new file system functionality, allowing for true UTF8 filenames in Windows along, increased security and file database abstraction
- Ajax-enabled (potentially) long elements list, such as users and lessons tables
- Introduced new user groups functionality
- Improved IE6 support, including a new set of GIF icons to replace transparent PNGs when IE6 is used
- Updated database connection settings to ensure proper UTF8 data manipulation
- Added localization variables to system configuration
- Updated statistics functionality
- Updated forum functionality
- Remastered backup functionality
- Implemented a more robust auto backup procedure during upgrade
- New appearance, faster and smaller pages... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2007-12-06

eFront functionality (Flash Tour)

Check at http://www.efrontlearning.net/demo/eFront.html
for a guided tour on the basic eFront functionality.

eFront is an easy to use, visually attractive, SCORM compatible, eLearning and Human Capital Development platform.

Easy to use: eFront was build from the scratch with the end user in mind. You will find it rather natural to get used to its interface where most options are self-explenatory.

Visually attractive: We didn't want to build another eLearning tool. We aim at building the most beautiful eLearning tool.... read more

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2007-10-14

eFront v3 Released

eFront is an easy to use, visually attractive, SCORM compatible, eLearning and Human Capital Development platform.

Version 3 marks a milestone on the development of the system targeting a wider audience. We used all the inside information, feedback and features request, programming and eLearning expertise we gathered through time to produce this version from the ground up. At the mid of 2007 we decided that it was time to open eFront's source and let other people contribute to the system.

Posted by Athanasios Papagelis 2007-10-09