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The Effo Mem86, memory tester running from Linux user space

The Effo GPLed project, a sub-project of the Effo Project, had released the Effo Mem86 (effomem86) demo at the beginning of the week. The Effo Mem86 is a utility which performs system memory testing from Linux user space.
1. It reuses sub-tests of Memtest86 and/or Memtest86+.
2. Into it Effo sub-tests were added such as Effo SSO 64/128-Burst.
3. It supports both x86 and x86_64 or compatible hardware platforms and Linux systems (Tested on FC8/9 x86/x86_64 at least).
4. Can specify which CPU/core or how many CPUs/cores (or all CPUs/cores) to test the memory simultaneously. It drives all installed processors/cores by default.
5. It is under the terms of GPL.
Besides the demo, the Effo GPLed also updated the design, reference and manual documents of the Effo Mem86 accordingly. Please visit http://effo.sourceforge.net and then visit Effo GPLed project now. -Pat@Effo.

Posted by Pat 2009-08-31

Newer Effo Portable Linux Releaes include Triple-OS per USB

In total 3 Effo Portable Linux systems were released. 1: Effo Compact Release is a Triple-OS system. After burnt on a USB flash (442M or above) or SCSI/SATA disk, you'll get one FreeDOS, one x86 Linux and one x86_64 Linux on the single USB flash or disk. 2: Effo Portable x86 Release and 3: Effo Portable x86_64 Release. Here x86 or x86_64 Release is a Dual-OS system; so after burnt on a USB flash (>=221M for the x86 Release, or >=243M for the x86_64 Release) or SCSI/SATA disk you'll get one FreeDOS plus one x86 Linux (one x86_64 Linux if x86_64 Release) on the single USB flash or disk. All above systems are free, portable, small and bootable. Most Intel and AMD/NV x86/x86_64 (or compatible, such as VIA) CPU and chipset drivers were packed into the Linux systems; so Effo Portable and Effo Compact will boot from SCSI/SATA of these platforms, but even more platforms if boot from USB flash. We also updated the Effo Portable Manual accordingly. Please visit http://effo.sourceforge.net now. -Pat@Effo.

Posted by Pat 2009-08-10

Effo Portable Linux System x86 Released

Effo Portable Linux System x86 was released. To install the image, you need a USB Flash (or CF card with USB Reader) which is above 275M bytes, so you could run "dd" command on a Linux machine to make the system disk, the system is portable and bootable. Also you can install it on a SCSI/SATA disk instead. See Effo Portable Linux System Manual for more details. Please visit http://effo.sourceforge.net/ now. -Pat@Effo

Posted by Pat 2009-08-01

Effo Project Home Page and Releases

Effo Project Home is ready, please visit http://effo.sourceforge.net to get the latest releases of Effo, such as "Effo Design - XLnk, a Generic Linked List in C", "Effo Design - Lock-free Queue and Ring Buffer", "Effo Design - Memory Test from Linux User Space" and "Effo References", and so on. -Pat@Effo

Posted by Pat 2009-07-25