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Here comes the first beta release of Edyuk 1.0.0

Most noticeable changes are the upgrade of QCodeEdit, the text editing layer (from version 1 to 2, still work in progress), and QCodeModel, the completion/class browsing data backend (same thing but way more mature than QCodeEdit 2). These changes bring a much better user experience by reducing the memory usage by several dozen megs and lowering the loading speed down to 7 seconds on first load and about 2 on next ones (instead of 20 and 10!!!).

Many more or less nasty bugs have been fixed as well and the code completion was improved (once again) a little : it should be able to complete everything (Qt classes, project ones and even designer-generated classes!!!).

The handling of line marks (which includes breakpoints) was improved a great deal. That should make the graphical debugging way smoother...

Despite its "unstable" status it should prove very usable... if you manage to compile it... indeed I was not able to test it under neither Windows nor Mac. Thus, feedback would be highly valued. ;)

happy testing :D


Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-07-29