Edyuk version portable

  • Herman BRULE
    Herman BRULE

    Hello, I search full pack IDE + Qt + gcc in portable version, for developpe with usb key every where on windows, how can I do?

    • fullmetalcoder

      Try this :

      * install mingw (3.4.5 or newer if you want it to work properly under vista) into your key (e.g G:\MinGW )

      * install Qt 4.3 or newer into your key (e.g G:\Qt )

      * install (or, recommended, unpack and build) Edyuk insto your key (e.g G:\edyuk )

      * create a batch script to run Edyuk with proper env vars, e.g :

      @echo off
      set PATH=G:\Qt\bin;G:\MinGW\bin

      Note : the drive letter is just an example. It may change from host pc to host pc and there is no way that I know of to determine which drive a batch script is running from...

      Warning : there is currently no way to make Edyuk search for settings in a custom location so you will lose settings when moving from a host to another. This will be added in a future version to enable proper mobility.



      p.s : sorry for the late answer, I have not checked this forum very often lately.

      • fullmetalcoder

        Ok, the last needed feature has just been added to SVN : storage location of settings can be defined through a command line argument.

        Change the invocation of edyuk in the above example to (for instance)

        edyuk -settings .settings/

        and Edyuk will store all its settings in the .settings subdirectory and retrieve them from there, if present.

        more work will be done to allow further mobility in the next release. Stay tuned.