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EV.1 Completely in the CVS

The first ev.1 version of the Editable Vectors project is completely in the CVS. Including all documents such as changes log and attic list, complete logoset, news, full documentation which includes the API reference and UML diagrams in many formats, source files and a set of ancillary scripts. By commiting the files has been developing on the SourceForge.net started.

I will welcome all ideas and interests. My development effort isn't too active now - i makes it for my relaxation only. One-man-show isn't the best development form, so if you will have any ideas and enough of mind for join, write me and join the project.... read more

Posted by Martin Kozák 2004-06-20

Editable Vectors Project Accepts Donations

Editable Vectors project accepts donations now. You can send it at the http://sourceforge.net/project/project_donations.php?group_id=110570 page. All Your donations will be gived back to the Open Source in the following ratio:

60% for Gnome Foundation

25% for The Apache Software Foundation

15% for SourceForge.net

Thanks You very much for Your good will. You will help to the Open Source world.... read more

Posted by Martin Kozák 2004-06-20