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Welcome to the EDocIAS wiki!

Feel free to contribute helpful tips on using and configuring EDocIAS.

Purpose: The goal of this project is to create a simple way to find information in a large pile of documents. Old paper documents can be scanned and saved and later found with a simple text search (assuming you can get tesseract installed). You can download your online bills statements, product user manuals and various other documents to go paperless.

For now, the best place to get started is the README.txt file. Please also take a look at the Configuration page for examples on configuring your installation.

Sample use cases:
- Scan an old paper credit card bill and save as a JPEG file. Search for a purchase at "Costco" and find the scanned JPEG file that contains the purchase. Shred the old bill!
- Find the owners manual online to replace the one in your file cabinet or your microwave. Search for "popcorn" and find the owners manual's section on how to microwave popcorn. Throw away the paper owners manual!
- Download the online PDF statement for your bank. Search for check "3023" and view the PDF that contains that check. Tell your bank to stop sending paper statements!


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The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

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