This project is to create the old aged 2D game of MineSweeper onto a 3D grid.

Note's for developers

The programming language for this project is not set. It will most likely use C++ but will use any other practical language if suggested.

The 3D engine of this project is not set. Please suggest an engine.

This project will include:

Installer - Will create Desktop, start menu, quick launch shortcuts if the user selects and will unpack 3D Minesweeper and other listed files into the default install directory (unless user changed) "C:\program files\edminesweeper\"

3DMinesweeper.exe - 3D Minesweeper executable.

3DMinesweeper.chm Compiled HTML help file for 3D Minesweeper. Containing documentation for user assistance.

Uninstall3D.exe Uninstaller for 3D Minesweeper. Will remove all elements in install directory and will remove shortcut's.

3DMINE-Base.ico 3D Minesweepers icon file (May be included in executable file)