Editing EDE, Menu toolbar and panel

  • amallais

    Where can i edit the main panel ("start" button, show desktop, time....etc)

    I want to add icons in it (somehow like in MS Windows where you have IE, OE, and others you add yourself)

    I found the file to edit the menu


    by the way, great job you did guys.!

    • I have a patch for this and I will commit it in a few days.

    • amallais

      Still no patch out ?

      How is the work going ? :)

    • Oh hi :)
      The thing is this: someone made this feature but instead of the usual diff format they created there own fork of EDE (a slightly older version even). So I had to work out the patch from this. Also I was very tight with free time in the past 3 months or so....
      Version 1.1 will contain all the user contributed patches (some cool stuff there!) + a few features I've been working on. That will probably be the last 1.x release. But it all depends on the amount of free time and other developers getting involved.

    • Ok the patch is now on CVS and will be released next week.

  • where is this ede_mainmenu.xml located?? i cannot locate it anywhere on the system