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ed2k-shutdown 0.2 released

ed2k-shutdown is a little helper tool which cleanly shuts down a running edonkey2000 or Overnet command line client (the command line client needs to be made to listen on the admin port however, and the admin username and password must match as well, of course).

This is just a port to gnet2/glib2.

New Feature:
Now you can also use ed2k_shutdown to just send a single 'command line command' to the core. Very useful for cron scripts and the like. You can also implement an ed2k-link handler this way that sends new ed2k-links from your browser directly to the command line client, without using ed2k-gtk-gui or the like.... read more

Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2003-11-30

ed2k_hash v0.4 for windows now available

ed2k_hash v0.4 for windows is not available.

This is a complete GUI rewrite based on the FLTK toolkit, by Jeromy Laheurte.

Versions for linux will follow as soon as I get around to sorting out the automake/-conf stuff (hopefully next week when I'm back).


Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2003-07-04

ed2k_python - a python framework for dealing with .part.met

ed2k_python is the latest addition to the ed2k-tools family. It provides a python framework for reading and/or manipulating eDonkey2000 and Overnet .part.met files (the files which store the meta-information about ongoing downloads).

Please see the web site for more details:


Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2003-04-03

ed2k_hash for Windows now available

There is now a WIN32 version of ed2k_hash available for windows users. Note that it is a COMMAND LINE utility that needs to be started from the command prompt.

Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2003-01-12

overnet-unfreezer lite 0.2 released

Can't stop releasing new versions ;)
Lite 0.2 has an altered freeze detection mechanism that should be way better.

Posted by 2003-01-08

overnet-unfreezer lite 0.1.1 released

UnFreezer lite 0.1.1 adresses some "first release" bugs in lite 0.1 - sorry for any inconvenience caused by them.

Posted by 2003-01-05

overnet-unfreezer lite 0.1 released

Eventually, a version of this workaround for a bug in the Overnet command line client for Linux is being released on Sourceforge. I hope not too many more will be necessary before the bug is fixed. ;)

Posted by 2003-01-04

ed2k_hash 0.3 released

version 0.3 is now available as a source tarball for linux/*nix platforms.

It should compile fine on windows, too but lacks some functionality on windows.

Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2002-10-04

ed2k_hash v0.3 in CVS

ed2k_hash is in CVS. It is a complete rewrite of the original code and has many goodies (like descending recursively into directories [at least on unix systems; the windows code for this is not implemented yet])...

check out module ed2k_hash from the repository.

Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2002-09-19