#3 Pause & Cancel Buttons!!!


I don't know if this could be done but it would be REALLY nice to have the option to pause or cancel a hash job. Especially when you are doing a recursive hash that includes multiple GB worth of data!! I'd really like to see this because ed2k_hash makes the system a little unresponsive when it's working since it uses 100% CPU!! :P (Even if it CPU use was less it would still be a nice feature to have)

Also if there is no way to interupt the program while it is in the middle of hashing a file it would still be helpful to have Pause or Cancel take effect after the current file is hashed when working on multiple files!

(I accidently started a recursive has on a root dir once... Doh!! :P )

- thisIsRandom


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    There is already a way to cancel (Cancel item in the File menu). I
    don't plan on adding a "pause" feature in the current state of the
    sources, but I may rewrite the whole GUI code soon, and include
    such features.