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ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.2 released!

A GUI for the eDonkey2000 (and overnet) command line client, based on the GTK+-toolkit and the gnet library

ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.2 is a bug-fix release.

Here's the changelog:

v0.6.2 - The 'All your cores are belong to us' release

* Fixed toolbar in non-green mode with themes that have a radiant
background in the toolbar (no more artifacts around the labels
and the '?' button) (sorry it took so long until it got fixed)

* 'transfered' value is shown again as in previous versions, ie.
the (often inflated) value by the core is displayed, and only
if 'transfered' is greater than the filesize we calculate a
better value from the gaplist.

* remember (again) which columns in the download view are supposed
to be hidden and which are supposed to be shown.

* Fixed erratic GUI freeze on selecting 'shutdown core'

* Fixed crash that would happen in certain rare conditions
while sorting the download list

* Fixed problem with insensitive Go! button in connect
dialog when core is on remote host (hopefully; #853664)

* Wait a couple of seconds after auto-spawning the core,
to give the core opportunity to get going. Otherwise
auto-connect on startup would fail after auto-spawning
the core (thanks to MrMario64 for pointing this out).

* added --noob-wants-to-run-as-root command line switch
for those noobs who insist they must absolutely run
the GUI as root *sigh*. Must be first command line
switch if multiple ones are used.

* added --enable-static-gnet2 switch to ./configure, mainly to
be able to build packages that are statically linked with gnet2.
However, if no gnet2 headers are found, the shipped gnet2 will
automatically be used instead now.

* for MacOSX: poll-emulator (no need for libpoll - it's just one source file)
Use with ./configure --enable-static-poll to force it (otherwise
it will automatically be enabled if no poll.h include files are found)

* ed2k-link handler now allows you to add downloads in paused state

* fixed 'status window clear interval' and 'server rotate interval'
(amount configured was taken to be in seconds and not in minutes
as it should be) (#866410, #859741)

* new icon theme: bluecore (submitted by Anonymous)

* mingw and win32 patches by Hazeman

* misc. other minor fixes

The latest release is available here:


Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2004-01-20