ed2k_gui 0.4.0 released

ed2k-gtk-gui release 0.4.0

Project homepage:
* http://ed2k-gtk-gui.sourceforge.net

Available as:
* source tarball
* debian .deb package
* RPM package (tested on RedHat 8.0)

Major changes and new features:

* previewing of downloads and completed files
* completed files are kept in download list until cleared
* support for fetching server.met files via http
* additional search options (bitrate, min size, max size, availability)
* much easier set-up of local core
(name/password can now be set up via GUI)
* French translation available now
* German translation available now
* Dutch translation available now
* Documentation available now
* import servers for a file from http://jigle.com
* many bugfixes

Minor changes and new features:
* servers are not purged as quickly as before
* small uninstall skript in source code tarball
* some pop-up menu re-arrangements
* dns lookup fix for SMP machines
* log file compression and rotation
* autogen.sh skript

As always - please read the README and INSTALL files :)

Check out the documentation and FAQ as linked from the
homepage (the documentation is more up to date but lacks
some issues mentioned in the FAQ).

There are several mailing lists (-announce, -users, -devel)
and a forum. More info here: http://sf.net/projects/ed2k-gtk-gui/

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the GUI in form of
code, translations, icons, or ideas.

Posted by Tim-Philipp Muller 2002-11-24