#15 make named pipe group privileges rw


I'm glad a gui have been just released in rpm
format that works with RH6.2. Thanks!!

I'm sending elinks to a gui running in a server
from windows clients through a samba share with
an equivalent dos command like this:

echo "ed2k://etc" > \\server\ed2k_gui_dir\pipe
echo "ed2k://etc" >> \\server\ed2k_gui_dir\pipe

(Actually are sent from windows netscape 7 links
clicks). I had a tweaked version of the previous
gui that created the pipe in /tmp with it working.

Privileges are not correctly setup for this scheme
to work, but a manual chmod g+rw pipe is all needed
to verify it.

prwx-w---- 1 donk donk 0 Feb 3 00:20 pipe
changed to:
prwxrw---- 1 donk donk 0 Feb 3 00:20 pipe

But, only the first time the elink is accepted,
since the pipe is recreated and group privileges
are lost each time a new elink is written.

prwx------ 1 donk donk 0 Feb 3 00:20 pipe

Please, could recreate the gui named pipe with rw group
privileges to make this work?
(The pipe is owned by the user.group of the user
running the core, but the elinks are being written
by the samba users, with group access.)

Actually is recreated with 700 and for this work 760
is needed. (Yes, read also or won't work ).



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    this is not a bug, this is a security issue. I don't think this
    should be changed on a global basis.

    If you need different permissions, please take the source code
    and modify it according to your needs. Have a look at pipe.c,
    function pipe_create().


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