weird overnet core behaviour when reconnecti

  • Hi everybody
    I have this very strange and annoying problem with my core since around 12th december 05.
    My setup:
    I start the core on a server in the LAN thru a ssh command (overnetclc -g -l --daemon).
    Sporadically, I connect from my desktop PC to check for progress and search new downloads.
    Until mid-December everything was OK and the core would run happily for days and weeks without problems.
    Since then though, everytime I shut down the ed2k_gtk interface on the client, I get a core dump on my home folder. Even worst, when I later try to reconnect to the server, I get the usual "can't login..." error message. I check on the server for a overnetclc process and voila, there it is running. If I kill the process, restart the core and connect to it from my desktop, it will always show the last downloads were around the time I turned off the desktop PC for the last time. As if the core got killed when I closed ed2k_gtk and shut down the PC. Any ideas? Maybe a  bug?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!