ed2k v0.6.4 - auto connect does not work :(

  • Dimitris

    I enabled auto-connect from the settings page, but that made no difference.

    Once i start the gui, i get the usual dialog to spawn a core. Then i get a dialog to choose the local system or a remote system to connect to.

    Here is what i get in the status:

    GUI: auto-spawn: no local core running, we need to spawn one.
    GUI: auto-spawn: core binary needs to be version 1.0 or newer.
    Can't auto-connect - no local core version >= 1.0 running it seems.

    Any help would be appriciated.

    • Dimitris

      btw, i'm using the latest RPM from the overnet site: edonkeyclc-1.1.0-1

      Its weird that ed2k-gui doesn't understand the version number..

    • Roughly the same problem here.
      I am fairly convinced at this point that the ed2k-gui is no longer compatible with the
      newer CLI. In other words, unless you have an edonkey CLI of v.1.0 or /older/ you will
      NOT be able to connect the GUI to the CLI. I'm using the v.1.3 CLI, have read all the
      documentation and the online help provided by the CLI. Yet it is NOT possible to connect
      the GUI (ed2k-gui) to the CLI admin port under ANY circumstances. Also, given that
      the owner/developer of edonkey.com has turned it into a "click site". It is probably safe
      to say ed2k-gui is a dead - see; abandoned project. So no one should waste any further
      time struggling with this. As it's like to be a futile effort.