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Cant start the core

  • I have Fedora Core 5.
    Downloaded the ed2k Core but its not working:

    [MindCode@Vigor4 eDonkey]$ ./donkey0.53.3

    [--- Storing settings in '/home/MindCode/.eDonkey2000' ---]

    Upload Queue not loaded
    [MindCode@Vigor4 eDonkey]

    Then ive tried:

    [MindCode@Vigor4 eDonkey]$ % donkey0.53.3
    bash: fg: %: no such job
    [MindCode@Vigor4 eDonke

    Whats wrong??

    • Did you setup correctly the directory rights?, an btw v0.53.3 is obsolete now, use v1.3.0 instead and try if works in FC5. If not you always can setup a chrooted environment with the proper libraries for the core as explained in the <a href="http://forum.edonkey.com/viewtopic.php?t=83979">edonkey linux forum</a>.