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economtex -- Support for Economists using LaTeX and BibTeX

The "economtex" project [1,2] aims at supporting economists who use LaTeX and/or BibTeX. Currently, this is done in two ways: First, the economtex project provides LaTeX classes/styles and BibTeX styles for manuscripts to be submitted to economics journals. Second, the economtex project provides a Wiki [3] for economists to share information on using LaTeX in their profession.

The "economtex" project has released a largely enhanced version of its package of LaTeX classes and BibTeX styles today [4]. This is the first release on Earlier versions of this package were already available as "economic bundle" on CTAN [5]. The development of this package has been moved to a few month ago and many new LaTeX classes and BibTeX styles have been added. The updated package will be available also on CTAN soon.... read more

Posted by Arne Henningsen 2008-12-31