EQL - Embedded Qt Lisp

Cut&past from the mailing list, here comes an exciting announcement!!!

OK, so we already have very nice Qt bindings for CL (CommonQt, cl-smoke). But what about an ECL embedded solution, with exactly 0 dependencies?

  • most of QtGui (+ overriding virtuals)
  • interactive SLIME (needs a small patch, but no threads)
  • unicode
  • internationalization
  • dynamically loadable UIs
  • cross-platform

  • no CLOS

  • no GC (not a real problem, see notes in documentation)

Tested (with SLIME) in Linux, OSX, WinXP + VS 2008 Express:
ECL 10.4.1 (unicode)
Qt 4.6.2.
* SLIME from CVS (2010-06-01)

Sources (LGPL) + screenshot:

Paul Ruetz

BTW, you do NOT want to test this with ECL from CVS/git because it is right now evolving very fast and in a probably unstable state. Use the last stable release instead (Juanjo)

Posted by Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll 2010-06-04