As I think I explained some emails before (or maybe it was in the ASDF mailing list)

(asdf:make-build :my-system :type :binary :monolithic :t :move-here "~/path/to/destination/")

builds a replacement for your ASDF system consisting on 3 files, a new *.asd file for prebuilt-components, a *.fas file that you can load into your lisp and a *.a statically linked library that you can also use in other MAKE-BUILD operations.


On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 6:46 AM, Seth Burleigh <> wrote:
Recently ive built a  monolithic static library and have loaded it into
a c program.

The problem is that the library is not registered with asdf. So, if i
attempt to (require 'library), or to load another library which depends
upon it from the c code, it'll rebuild the library from the file system
because it doesn't know it has already 'loaded' it from the monolithic
library. Is there any known solution to this?

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