On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 10:59 PM, Seth Burleigh <seth@tewebs.com> wrote:
Could run-program be copied and modified for the compiler so that it
doesn't enclose each separate  arguments in quotes (so you could just
pass the whole argument string)? Currently the compiler already passes
the whole string into the system function and i dont think this is any
more/less sensitive to spaces in arguments than whatever c functions
run-program uses (well, i don't actually know, but thats why im asking).

RUN-PROGRAM is different from SYSTEM. The former is based on execve() and thus it needs a list of strings. One string per argument. No two arguments can be collapsed in the same string. This is crucial, AFAI remember.

SYSTEM just gets a string and performs the splitting of arguments itself.

So the point is that we have to be careful with the list of arguments that the compiler gets from autoconf, how they are split, how we add additional arguments and a lot of other things. It is worth doing it but it is not just a matter of cut&paste.


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