2006/8/13, Eric Radman <theman@eradman.com>:

So far ECL has built without issue for me on NetBSD/i386 and
NetBSD/amd64, but it does fail on NetBSD/sparc while the ECL core is
building the Lisp functions: [...]
It appears that it's crashing on SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR, but I'm not sure.
Are there some simple steps I can take to diagnose this further?
I can only advice to build ECL with debug flags (Set CFLAGS at configuration time) and use gdb to debug the compilation process. Just get yourself in the build/ directory, launch gdb, source .gdbinit and type
run  <--- this makes ECL run
(load "compile")  <-- this is already from the ECL prompt.
.gdbinit sets breakpoints in several functions related to errors.

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