On 5/29/06, Radoslav Atanasov <rsdevelop@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all.

I want to develop small personal wiki with http://rsrado.wikispaces.com/ compatible syntax (as I have a wiki in their format), a one I would be able to extent according to my preferences. I prefer to use lisp based web server, like araneida or alike...
Unfortunately I couldn't manage to compile neither Araneida nor TNBL


(and I think I tried one or two more). IMHO to resolve the compile time errors I needed to study the source code, something I had/have no time to do.
So my question: Does anybody successfully compile/use some CL based web server with ECL? (I want to be able to do so on both Linux and Windows, but I suppose that won't be an issue as probably the incompatibilities aren't platform but implmentation specific.)

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