Hi Juan et al,
I've written a little mail handling utility for Mutt in ECL. It uses Mark Battanyi's cl-pdf and cl-typesetting.

I've found that some of my mails are in utf-8 (which makes sense), however when I run my utility under ECL it crashes trying to build the utf-8 character into the pdf I'm generating.

I'm pretty sure that cl-pdf works with utf-8 under sbcl because there are examples that show it working. I was wondering if someone could let me know what the state of unicode is under ECL and how to enable it (even if it might not be 100% reliable).

I'm guessing cl-pdf's support for utf-8 is somewhat tied to sbcls utf-8 implementation. It might need some #ecl conditions to get it working correctly.

...Also guessing that utf-8/unicode support is a feature that touches nearly everything and is quite a challenge ?