On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 4:42 AM, Daniel Herring <dherring@tentpost.com> wrote:
One of the pauses occurs when editing a make-instance form in a source
buffer.  Every time I type a key in a make-instance form, there is a pause
and a string prints in the slime-repl buffer.  Cursor key or text doesn't


ECL now provides COMPUTE-A-M-U-CLASSES and thus I changed Slime to use it when available. When it is not available, Slime unfortunately enters in a complicated loop of errors that slow it down. I really cannot do much to fix that situation, but given that ECL will provide this new generic function, it does not make sense to waste more time on it.

The changes have been committed both to ECL's and Slime's repos.

Please report further issues if you discover them.


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