Dear Faré,

thanks a lot for your hard work on ASDF, cleaning up the traverse mess and making things more robust. Please keep us posted about the release, so that I can merge it with ECL ASAP.



On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 1:32 AM, Faré <> wrote:
Dear ECL hackers,

I rewrote the asdf bundle stuff to take advantage of several things:
1- the fact that traverse does not propagate operations downward
anymore, so you can safe instead use component-depends-on for good
2- the fact that the traverse algorithm is now understandable and
"open" and lets you map over direct and/or indirect dependencies.
3- the fact that the asdf/driver now includes support for image
dumping and restore, so the same operations can be used to create
executables on all lisps.

The test-bundle.script works with ECL, and so does test-program.

You can now create standalone lisp executable program somewhat portably. Neat.

PS: it looks like the monolithic lib output is defective somehow. nm
stops with an error message after the first embedded. I had to avoid
using it as input for creating an executable.

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