Hi Dmitrii,

we need more information. All we know is that there are errors and that they happen when you use ECL with Fricas, but so far there is no conclusive evidence as to how and why. Questions one should answer before filing a bug report

* What is the version number? Not just release number, first line at startup.
* What are the configuration flags of this copy? What is the output of *features*?
* Where is your copy of ECL installed? Are there other copies around?
* What is the output of (si::get-library-pathname)
* Can you load trivial code? Execute simple statements?
* Can you compile other code? For instance, (compile 'foo '(lambda (x) (1+ x))) and execute (foo 1)?

This would verify that you have a working copy and that it is not interfering with previous ones. For instance, I am sorry but I cannot respond for Sage's fixes, or for broken Debian versions.



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