On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 5:03 AM, Faré <fahree@gmail.com> wrote:
A shorter README explaining that asdf.lisp is from asdf (with URL)
and the other files from asdf-bundle (with URL), would also be nice.

I am preserving the README from asdf (updated to the latest version) and README.ECL will be simply upgraded to reflect the fact that we use a different ASDF repository and that the other files are part of asdf-bundle. This is the text as it is being committed right now:

The copies of asdf.lisp and README in this directory are complete and
unchanged from the canonical common-lisp.net repository.  They may
lag the git version by a few revisions (but shouldn't usually) but
unless we've fouled up horribly, are not forked.

The remaining files are part of asdf-bundle, a subproject from ASDF
which, building on the ideas from asdf-ecl, offers the possibility
of building standalone applications, joining FASL files, etc. The
canonical repo for asdf-bundle so far is
and it does not have a webpage yet.

The file asdf-ecl.lisp is kept for historical purposes as a reference, but
its functionality has been superseded by asdf-bundle.

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