On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 12:51 PM, H Durer <h.duerer@gmail.com> wrote:
I managed to install the libatomic-ops-dev package which gives me the
headers and the lib pre-built.
Could you outline what is involved in using the system libatomic-ops?
Would configure find that and use it or do I need to tweak things in
the source and Makefiles to make use of that lib?

ECL currently uses its own copy of libatomic-ops. For other libraries it looks around in the operating system, trying to find a suitable version. Unfortunately libatomic-ops is not so mature and when I tried to do this, I found that many versions of the library around would not work.

Indeed, if you look at src/aclocal.m4 you will see that the code for ECL_BOEHM_GC is way more complex than that for ECL_LIBATOMIC_OPS. The former is looking for preinstalled copies of the GC library, while the second simply uses the one in ECL.

In order to work with system libraries one would have to first fix this detection phase. Then one would have to ensure that the GC library is also installed (GC uses libatomic-ops internally). So while the second step is up to the user, the first one involves some coding in ECL.


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