On Sat, May 26, 2012 at 10:36 AM, cm <xiao.ao.jiang.hu.cm@gmail.com> wrote:
I save the file with windows notepad with default code. And load file into ecl with :windows-cp936, it works fine!
but when I save the file with utf-8 format in notepad, and load file with :utf-8, it report error:

Problem identified. Notepad inserts a BOM character (0xFEFF) at the beginning of the file. This is not standard, but just something that Windows uses for UTF-8 and which is discouraged in Unix. I cannot cope with this at the level of encoding, because that would break Unix applications and would make ECL work differently on Windows and on Unix. Instead I have hacked a simpler solution: BOM is interpreted by the Lisp reader as a whitespace.

I will upload a patch tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for providing me with the three test cases. They are really useful!


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