On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 12:13 PM, Jean-Pierre Flori <jpflori@gmail.com> wrote:
2012/8/15 Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <juanjose.garciaripoll@gmail.com>:
> Feel free to do so, but you will have to make sure you fix the fact that ECL
> is currently NOT using import libraries in any of the ports (cygwin, mingw,
> msvc)

ECL build system does not produce import libraries on Cygwin, MinGW
and MSVC (although I have not and will not test this last target).
What I would propose is to let the build system follow the naming
scheme proposed by Cygwin (renaming lib/ecl.dll to bin/cygecl-xxx.dll)
and MinGW (renaming lib/ecl.dll to bin/libecl.dll).

What I meant is precisely this:

Currently ECL only creates one file (*.dll or *.fas) per compiled file. When it has to link them together with an executable, it uses the fact that both cygwin and mingw handle DLLs directly, providing the files and the -lecl flag. I am just worried that if you change the name to cygecl.dll or whatever convention is used, the -lecl would stop to work, as cygwin might look for a file libecl.dll.a (explained in the webpage you linked).

That's all. I am not demanding that you remain silent :-) I just want to make sure that the change in the name convention does not break building ECL or its tools.


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