On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 3:04 PM, red plait <redplait@gmail.com> wrote:
It seems that now bitness of gmp (and size of ECL_LONG_LONG_BITS)
depends on building architecture of ECL. But it`s possible to build
gmp under 32bit with
#        define __GMP_BITS_PER_MP_LIMB    64
#        define GMP_LIMB_BITS             64
#        define SIZEOF_MP_LIMB_T           8
#        define _LONG_LONG_LIMB            1

Sorry, it seems I was a bit confused. The first time I read your email I understood that you wanted to build a 32 bit ECL with a 32 bit GMP and a 64 bit ECL with 64 bit GMP. Why would you want 32 bit ECL with 64 bit GMP? Wouldn't that be less efficient?


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