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This is nice to know.  Is the commit ID only a hash though?  If so it's
often difficult to immediately assess what is earlier or later, or the
time of the snapshot, without access to the GIT logs.

Yes, without the GIT tree it is hard to find out the information, but right now there are only to major distribution channels for ECL:
- Releases (no git code in there)
- The user downloads the code using "git" (the information is already there)
From the git hash code you have access to the whole history of the sources, including the point in time which was used, previous and later changes, etc.
> OTOH, the release engineering problem continues to be that: a problem. The
> only reasons why there are no releases is because testing on all platforms
> takes time and the current infraestructure I have does not work well
> enough. See for instance how many of the platforms here have outdated
> tests: http://ecls.sourceforge.net/logs.html

I am not complaining about this and I realize that release engineering
is a lot of work.  Fortunately the -current snapshots usually work well
for my uses, and I'm already grateful for that :)

Sorry, I did not read your text as a complaint. I just wanted to explain the problem.


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