On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Alessandro Serra <gas.hale@gmail.com> wrote:
there is a typing error in legacy.h: "FINXUMP".

#define FIXNUMP(o)              ECL_FINXUMP(o)

Thanks, I will correct it.
A question. There is any function to create a string object from a
wchar_t array?
May be something similar at "make_simple_base_string" for char arrays?

Not really. It is not that easy, for wchar_t does not have a standard interpretation: it is locale-dependent. As explained in Unicode:

The width of wchar_t is compiler-specific and can be as small as 8 bits. Consequently, programs that need to be portable across any C or C++ compiler should not use wchar_t for storing Unicode text. The wchar_t type is intended for storing compiler-defined wide characters, which may be Unicode characters in some compilers.


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