Thanks, I will use that. And I mean that there is nothing else (except that fmakeunbound that I learned now) to actually get program working again, other than turning off ecl and turn it on again (and get all the stuff back).

2012/12/27 Anton Vodonosov <>
28.12.2012, 00:17, "Peter Enerccio" <>:
> When I try to use ecl with emacs and slime, if I need to change the method to a different one, with different lambda list, I get an error out of which I can't recover in any sensible way, so I have to stop the ecl and start is again and load the new method in.

Do you only mean there are no restarts to redefine the generic function, or you mean
there is no way out of slime debugger at all? I've tried and when in debugger there is a
ABORT restart allowing to return to slime top level

> This is way too cumberstone, there should be a redefinition restart installed when you try to compile new method that has different lambda list that expected (or a way to easily undefine previous definition) as it is in lispworks.
> Could something like this be added, by any chance?

Indeed, other lisp like CCL have such restart too.

Meantime you can use a work-around  (FMAKUNBOUND 'my-generic)  - this will remove the generic function.

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- Anton

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