Well, I am trying to get with handler-bind, however, it still prints nothing at all (for the backtrace, I mean)

(defun handle-any-error-log (e)
  (print "x") ; checking that we are indeed in the handler
  (with-open-file (eout "errors.txt"
            :direction :output)
    (format eout "Unhandled error detected: ~%")
    (format eout "~A~%" e)
    (format eout "Backtrace: ~%")
    (loop for x from (si::ihs-top)
       to 0 do
     (format eout "~A~%" (si::ihs-fun x)))
    (format eout "~%")))

(eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute)
      ((error #'handle-any-error-log))


enerccio@G73Jh-Arch:~/projects/gaia/gaia$ cat errors.txt
Unhandled error detected:
LOAD: Could not load file #P"/media/home/home/enerccio/projects/gaia/gaia/plugins/crap.fas" (Error: "/media/home/home/enerccio/projects/gaia/gaia/plugins/crap.fas: file too short")

2013/1/30 Anton Vodonosov <avodonosov@yandex.ru>
In CL you usually can't get stack trace "out of condition".

Usually you can get the current stack trace. I.e. before stack is unwound.
I.e. catching error handler-bind you can get stack trace, because you are still
inside the stack, but for example with handler-case you are invoked after
the stack is unwound.

PS. also check out trivial-backtrace if you want be portable library, although
I don't know if it supports ECL.

30.01.2013, 19:49, "Peter Enerccio" <enerccio@gmail.com>:
> I tried looking it up there, however it uses si::ihs-top/si::ihs-fun, which at the condition handlers are for some reason 0 so there is nothing to do at that point.
> 2013/1/30 Stas Boukarev <stassats@gmail.com>
>> Peter Enerccio <enerccio@gmail.com> writes:
>>> Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to get the stack of thrown
>>> condition.
>>> I dont think there is ansi way of doing that, however, I can see stack
>>> generated by conditions thrown in slime with ecl, so there must be a way to
>>> do it.
>> You can look at swank-ecl.lisp to see how slime does it.
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