Hi Lispers,
I am using ECL to implement a static site generator, something better than Ruby's Jekyll, indeed I called it Hyde LOL I chose ECL because it is small, fast and I want to generate Windows executables too.

I am a Lisp beginner that is learning a lot by doing this project that. My problem is that I would like to provide the user with line number information when my generator processes a user's Lisp file written by the user that contains errors and thus signals a condition.

A Lisp addict told me that LispWorks has "source locators". Is there any implementation-specific feature in ECL to get the line number where a condition occurred, assuming that source comes from a file that is (load)-ed?

My code is just doing a (load "userfile.lisp") inside a handler-case that prints any condition that may happen. As I said I would like to complement that error string with a line number so the user knows which line the error is and can jump directly to it with his editor. User files are not compiled, I load them as source code at runtime. This is perfectly acceptable in this application because they need to be  run only once after each modification in order to regenerate the static HTML code (e.g. I run index.lisp to generate index.html). It isn't worth to compile something that you only have to run one time :)

Grazie tante!
Antonio Bonifati
Student and Italian teacher